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 Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, Austria  Article Code-no: Leisure-Eu-En-05, 07.05.2015

Advice for a charming day trip
Bad Deutsch Altenburg is a small town, located about 3,5 km from Hainburg.
This resort near Hainburg on the Danube with
the strongest iodine and sulfur sources in Central Europe is just. 25 minutes
car driving from the Bratislava-center though. Vienna is also very close (35 minutes by car). It includes a spa area - in addition to bathhouses, pastry shop, restaurant, pub and a hotel there is a nice and well-kept park (it offers a great view of the nearby river Danube) and the Museum Carnuntum
with archaeological findings from the Roman settlement period. The most important monument of the town is a basilica of the 13th century.

View on the Amphitheater Carnuntum in Bad Deutsch-Altenburg
Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, photo 01 Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, photo 02
Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, photo 03 Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, photo 04
Bad Deutsch-Altenburg - museum (Photoquelle Wikipedia)
Bad Deutsch-Altenburg - Parish church (Photoquelle Wikipedia)
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