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  Salaš Krajinka  - shepherd´s cottage, Slovakia  Article Code-no: Tourism-Eu-En-03 from 7.25.2015

Pleasant gastronomic stop in shepherd´s cottage
Not far from the town Ružomberok (in the direction from the Žilina town) is Salaš Krajinka - a shepherd´s cottage, which is a pleasant stop for families with children. In the complex there is a restaurant, stylish wooden houses, where you can buy different kinds of cheese, sheep cheese, homemade cakes. While the adults relax on the wooden benches in the open air, children have the opportunity to direct contact with pets - besides geese, chickens and bunnies can caress a calf, goats or a donkey. There are here the carved wooden statues and a fountain too.

View on the Salaš Krajinka
Salaš Krajinka, photo 01 Salaš Krajinka, photo 02
Salaš Krajinka, photo 03 Salaš Krajinka, photo 04
Salaš Krajinka, photo 05 Salaš Krajinka, photo 06
Salaš Krajinka, photo 07 Salaš Krajinka, photo 08
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